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5 Reasons for Using a Broker/Agent vs Going Directly to an Insurance Carrier

Laurel residents who are looking to purchase insurance may be tempted to go directly to an insurance carrier for their coverage. But there are some distinct advantages of going through a broker/agent instead. Here are five reasons Delaware residents should consider using a broker/agent instead of going directly to an insurance carrier:

  1. Knowledge - Laurel brokers/agents have access to a wide variety of information and knowledge about the Delaware insurance marketplace, including coverage options, rates and claims processes. This can help Delaware residents make sure they get the most value out of their policy by ensuring they get the best price and coverage combination possible.
  2. Choice - Going through a broker/agent gives Laurel residents access to many different carriers, allowing them to compare policies and get the best coverage for their needs.
  3. Experience - Brokers/agents have a depth of experience that Delaware residents may not possess, which can be invaluable when selecting an insurance policy. They can help Laurel residents understand nuances in coverage, as well as explain any exclusions or limitations that could come into play during policy claims processes.
  4. Personalization - Working with a broker/agent allows Delaware residents to customize a policy that suits their individual needs rather than choosing from pre-selected “bundle” options available through some direct-to-consumer carriers.
  5. Dedicated Support - Brokers/agents are dedicated to helping Laurel residents throughout the entire process of selecting, purchasing and managing their insurance policy. They are available to answer questions, provide advice and assistance with any problems or issues Delaware residents experience throughout the life of their policy.

Ultimately, Delaware residents who use a broker/agent will have access to more information, choice, expertise, customization and support than they would through a direct-to-consumer carrier. This can guarantee Delaware residents find an insurance policy that fits their individual needs perfectly.

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Cheap Car Insurance Brokers, Agents, & Companies Near Me

Auto Fire Insurance Inc

N Central Ave, Laurel, DE 19956, United States

(302) 875-7376

No website found

The Insurance Market, Inc.

310 N Central Ave, Laurel, DE 19956, United States

(302) 875-7591

Nationwide Insurance: Carey Insurance Group Inc.

1130 S Central Ave, Laurel, DE 19956, United States

(302) 875-3333

The Insurance Market, Inc. (Financial Service Center)

400 S Central Ave, Laurel, DE 19956, United States

(302) 875-8304

Kristin Leverage State Farm®

26876 Sussex Hwy, Seaford, DE 19973, United States

(302) 629-3525

Wilgus Insurance Agency Inc, - Seaford

22937 Sussex Hwy, Seaford, DE 19973, United States

(302) 629-5140

Why Insurance Companies Declare Vehicles Totaled in Delaware

When it comes to Laurel Delaware auto insurance, one of the most important terms you will encounter is “totaled”. If your vehicle has been declared totaled, this means that insurance companies have determined that the cost of repairs would exceed the value of the car. In Delaware, when a vehicle is totaled by an insurance company, it typically cannot be driven anymore and must be replaced with a new car or repaired before being put back on the road.

In Delaware, each insurance company determines whether a car is considered a total loss based on their internal criteria. Generally speaking, if there are more than two major damages caused by an accident and/or other incidents such as flooding or fire, then they may declare the car totaled. Laurel vehicle owners should also be aware that if the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car, then it is likely to be declared totaled as well.

When a Delaware vehicle owner has a totaled car, they are entitled to receive compensation from their insurance company for their loss. The amount an individual will receive depends on factors such as the age and condition of the car prior to the damage, and other similar details related to the incident. To ensure Laurel drivers get fair compensation after a total loss, it is important to work with experienced professionals who understand Delaware auto insurance laws and regulations. That way you can feel confident that your interests are protected during the claims process.

What to Know Before Going to an Auto Body Shop in Delaware

If you're looking to have your car repaired in Laurel, there are a few things you should consider when selecting an auto body shop. First and foremost, it is important to make sure they are certified and licensed by the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles. You can find out if they have this certification by asking them directly or checking their website or other online sources. Additionally, look for reviews of the shop online to get an idea of others' experiences with their services. Ask friends who may have had work done at the shop as well for feedback on their experience.

It is also important to get an estimate upfront for the repair work that needs to be done so that you know how much it will cost before committing to any repairs. This will help you make sure that the final cost is within your budget. Finally, make sure to ask about any warranties or guarantees they offer in case there are problems with the repair work after it has been completed. Laurel auto body shops should also provide you with a written statement outlining the details of their services and what to expect from each repair job.  By researching these factors ahead of time, you can ensure that your car repair experience goes as smoothly as possible!

Auto Body Shops in Laurel, Delaware

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Auto Body Shops in Laurel, DE

Allen Body Works Inc

413 N Central Ave, Laurel, DE 19956, United States

(302) 875-3208

No website found

Chet's Auto Body

425 N Central Ave, Laurel, DE 19956, United States

(302) 875-3376

The Corner Garage LLC

110 West St, Laurel, DE 19956, United States

(302) 875-5095

No website found

Hertrich Collision Center of Seaford

26905 Sussex Hwy, Seaford, DE 19973, United States

(302) 629-3955

Dick's Auto Body

26822 Sussex Hwy #8528, Seaford, DE 19973, United States

(302) 629-7524

No website found

Laurel Tires

29096 Sussex Hwy, Laurel, DE 19956, United States

(302) 228-2121

No website found

Insurance Claims Process After an Accident in Delaware

After an accident in Laurel, a driver is required to report the incident to their auto insurance provider. Depending on the nature of the incident and the damages, it may be necessary to file an insurance claim. In Delaware, drivers are legally required to maintain a minimum amount of liability coverage as set by state laws. Knowing this information before filing a claim can help ensure that all expenses related to the accident can be covered.

To begin the claims process after an accident in Delaware, drivers must contact their insurance company as soon as possible and provide details about what happened. This includes information such as date and time of the incident, location, description of the damage or injury sustained, names and contact information for any other involved parties, etc.

After filing a claim and providing the necessary information, Laurel drivers should receive an acknowledgement from their insurance provider that confirms their report. They will also be notified of any additional documents they need to submit in order to process the claim. This may include photos or a police report, as well as medical reports if there were any injuries involved in the accident.

Once all required documentation is received by the insurer, Delaware drivers can expect to receive an estimate of how much coverage their policy provides and when payment for expenses related to the accident can be expected. It is important for Delaware drivers to remember that any auto insurance claims process must adhere to Delaware laws; failure to do so could result in delayed payments or other problems with processing the claim.

By following Delaware's requirements and understanding the insurance claims process, Laurel drivers can ensure that they receive the coverage they need after an accident. With the right knowledge and preparation, Delaware drivers can have peace of mind in knowing that their claim will be processed quickly and efficiently.

13 Most Expensive Automobiles to Insure in Delaware

Delaware is a small state with big roads. But when it comes to auto insurance, Laurel drivers may find that their premiums are higher than other states. That's because Delaware has some of the most expensive automobiles to insure in the country. Below are 13 of the top models Delaware drivers should be especially aware of before they purchase:

  1. Mercedes-Benz S600: This full-size luxury sedan costs an average of $5,460 per year to insure in Delaware and ranks as one of the priciest cars on this list.
  2. Ford Mustang GT: The popular muscle car carries an annual insurance premium of $4,274 for Delaware residents—an amount that's sure to break budgets everywhere.
  3. Audi R8: This supercar is no exception, costing Delaware drivers an average of $4,158 per year to insure—a steep sum by any measure.
  4. Chevrolet Corvette Z06: With a hefty price tag of around $3,850 per year for Delaware drivers, this classic sports car isn't exactly budget friendly.
  5. BMW M6 Gran Coupe: Delaware drivers who set their sights on this luxury sport sedan can expect a yearly insurance bill in the ballpark of $3,421.
  6. Mercedes-AMG G 63: Packing plenty of power and prestige comes with a massive price tag—around $3,340 each year for Delaware residents.
  7. Cadillac Escalade ESV: Delaware drivers can expect to pay around $3,280 annually for insurance on this full-size luxury SUV.
  8. Mercedes-Benz SLK Convertible: Delaware drivers who purchase this sporty convertible can expect a yearly insurance cost of $3,262.
  9. Jaguar XJL Portfolio: Delaware drivers should be prepared to pay an average of $3,036 per year for auto insurance on this luxury sedan.
  10. Lexus LS 600h L Hybrid: Delaware residents who go green with this hybrid model will still have to shell out an annual premium of around $2,953 for auto insurance coverage.
  11. BMW i8 Hybrid: This eco-friendly supercar garners a hefty insurance premium of $2,934 per year for Delaware drivers.
  12. Porsche Panamera 4: Delaware residents should be prepared to pay an average of $2,871 annually for auto insurance coverage on this luxury sports sedan.
  13. Audi S6: The popular sport sedan carries an annual premium of around $2,715 for Delaware drivers—a sum that's sure to break budgets everywhere.

No matter what car you drive, it's important to shop around and get quotes from different insurers before committing to an auto policy in Laurel DE. This will ensure you're getting the best rate possible for your vehicle and driving needs.

14 Cheapest Vehicles to Insurance in Delaware

If you live in Delaware, you know that auto insurance can be expensive. However, there are some vehicles available that can help keep your insurance costs low. To help Laurel drivers save money on their car insurance premiums, we have compiled a list of the 14 cheapest vehicles to insure in Delaware.

  1. Mazda3: This affordable compact sedan is one of the most popular cars in Delaware and offers reliable performance at an affordable price. It also has great fuel economy, making it a good choice for Delaware drivers who want to save on gas and insurance costs.
  2. Honda Civic: The Civic is another popular choice for Delaware drivers with its sleek design and fuel-efficient engine options. It's one of the most affordable cars to insure in Laurel, so if you're looking for a reliable and wallet-friendly vehicle, the Civic is definitely worth considering.
  3. Toyota Corolla: The Corolla is one of the most iconic cars on the market and offers great value for Delaware drivers who want a dependable sedan. It's also one of the cheapest vehicles to insure in Delaware due to its low price tag and good safety ratings.
  4. Ford Focus: If you're looking for a small car that packs a lot of punch, then look no further than the Ford Focus. It's one of the most affordable cars to insure in Laurel and has plenty of features for your money.
  5. Subaru Outback: If you need a reliable SUV that's also one of the cheapest vehicles to insure in Delaware, then the Subaru Outback is your best bet. It offers great value for Delaware drivers and comes with plenty of features at an affordable price.
  6. Volkswagen Jetta: The Jetta is another dependable sedan from Volkswagen and offers good fuel economy for Laurel drivers who want to save money on their insurance premiums. It's also relatively cheap to insure in Delaware due to its low cost and good safety ratings.
  7. Hyundai Elantra: This popular compact car from Hyundai provides reliable performance at an affordable price for Delaware drivers who are looking for value. It's also one of the most affordable cars to insure in Delaware due to its low cost and good safety ratings.
  8. Kia Optima: The Kia Optima is another great option for Laurel drivers who want a reliable and affordable midsize sedan. It's also one of the most inexpensive vehicles to insure in Delaware due to its low price tag and good safety record.
  9. Honda Accord: If you need a dependable family car that won't break the bank, then the Honda Accord is a great choice. It delivers solid performance at an affordable price and it's one of the cheapest cars to insure in Delaware due to its good safety ratings.
  10. Toyota Camry: The Camry is another popular car in Laurel that offers excellent value for Delaware drivers who are looking for an affordable and reliable family sedan. It also has great safety ratings, making it one of the cheapest vehicles to insure in Delaware.
  11. Nissan Versa: If you're looking for a subcompact car that won't blow your budget, then look no further than the Versa from Nissan. It's one of the most affordable cars to insure in Delaware due to its low cost and good safety record.
  12. Subaru Forester: The Forester is another popular choice for Laurel drivers who need a dependable SUV at an affordable price. It's also among the cheapest vehicles to insure in Delaware due to its fuel-efficient engine options and good safety ratings.
  13. Volkswagen Passat: This reliable midsize sedan from Volkswagen provides Delaware drivers with great value and performance at an affordable price. It's also one of the cheapest cars to insure in Delaware, so if you're looking for a dependable family car that won't break the bank, then look no further than the Passat.
  14. Kia Sorento: The Sorento is another great option for Laurel drivers who are looking for a reliable SUV that won't blow their budget. It's also one of the most inexpensive vehicles to insure in Delaware due to its low cost and good safety ratings.

4 Benefits of Adding Someone to Your Insurance Delaware

Adding someone to your Laurel insurance policy can be beneficial in many ways. It is important to take the time to consider if it is right for you and your family. Here are four potential benefits of adding someone to your Delaware insurance policy:

  1. Increased Coverage - By adding an additional person to your Laurel insurance policy, you will increase the coverage on the policy. This means that if something were to happen that requires more coverage than what you currently have, you would be covered up to a certain dollar amount or type of care depending on the individual's specific needs.
  2. Lower Premiums - Adding another person onto your Delaware insurance policy can often result in lower premiums because insurers see multiple people under one roof as less of a risk. This can lead to significant savings over time on your Delaware insurance policy premium payments.
  3. Easier Claims Process - Having multiple people under one Laurel insurance policy can make filing claims simpler and less complicated overall. You will not need to worry about coordinating with several different policies and having to provide the same information multiple times when it comes to filing a claim.
  4. Access to Family-Specific Benefits - Some Delaware insurers may offer family-specific benefits, such as discounts for children's braces or other dental care services that are not typically covered by an individual policy. Adding someone else onto your Delaware insurance policy may give you access to these types of benefits that could save you money in the long run.

Cost of Car Insurance in Different Age Groups in Delaware

Car insurance rates can vary greatly depending on the age of the driver. Delaware is no exception. It's important to remember that Delaware requires all Laurel drivers to have auto liability insurance coverage, and that rates will be higher in Delaware due to its dense population and high traffic density. Below, we'll look at average car insurance costs for six age groups in Delaware.

It's important to shop around when looking for car insurance in Laurel  DE as rates can vary greatly from one provider to another. Comparing quotes from multiple insurers can help you find the best deal possible. Additionally, consider any discounts or incentives that your chosen insurer offers which could help lower your overall premium cost.

5 Driving Violations That Require High Risk Insurance in Delaware

The Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles requires drivers to have certain types of auto insurance coverage depending on the type of violation they receive. Delaware is a "modified comparative negligence" state, meaning that fault for an accident will be apportioned based on the percentage of each driver's responsibility. Anyone who has been convicted of any of the following violations must carry high risk insurance:

  1. Reckless Driving - Delaware defines this as operating a vehicle with “wantonly or willfully disregarding the safety” of others, and carries stiff penalties including fines up to $1,150, three points on your license, and even jail time in some cases.
  2. DUI/DWI - Delaware takes its driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while impaired (DWI) laws very seriously. A first offense carries fines up to $1,500, possible jail time, and license suspension for up to two years.
  3. Driver License Suspension - Delaware considers any violation that results in the suspension of a driver's license to be serious enough to require Laurel high risk insurance coverage.
  4. Hit-and-Run - Delaware requires anyone convicted of leaving the scene of an accident or hit-and-run to carry what is known as “SR22” insurance coverage until their license is reinstated.
  5. Habitual Traffic Offenders - Delaware classifies anyone with five or more traffic violations within a five-year period as a habitual traffic offender, and requires them to carry high risk coverage.

By understanding Delaware's laws regarding high risk insurance coverage, Laurel drivers can better protect themselves and the people around them in the event of an accident. It is always important to check with your insurance provider if you are ever uncertain about what type of coverage you need.

Top 8 Car Insurance Companies by Least to Most Expensive in Delaware

Delaware drivers have many car insurance providers to choose from. Before selecting a car insurance provider in Laurel, it's important to compare the cost of different companies and the coverage they offer. Here is a list of Delaware's top 8 car insurance companies ranked from least to most expensive:

  1. GEICO - Offering some of the lowest rates in Laurel, GEICO also provides great customer service and high-quality coverage.
  2. State Farm - With its long history as an established insurer and low rates, State Farm is one of Delaware's favorite choices for auto insurance.
  3. Progressive - Progressive offers competitively priced premiums and discounts that can help lower your rate even further.
  4. Liberty Mutual - Laurel drivers can enjoy great customer service, coverage options, and discounts with Liberty Mutual.
  5. Travelers - With discounted rates available for Delaware drivers, Travelers is a reliable car insurance provider at an affordable price.
  6. Nationwide - Laurel drivers can get great coverage from one of the largest auto insurers in the country with Nationwide.
  7. Allstate - With many customizable coverage options and discounts available, Allstate strives to offer Delaware drivers competitively priced premiums without compromising quality coverage.
  8. Farmers Insurance - Specializing in accident forgiveness and comprehensive coverage at an affordable price, Farmers Insurance is Delaware's most expensive car insurance company but still provides great value for money.

No matter which Laurel car insurance company you select, make sure to compare the cost, coverage options, and customer service before making a final decision. Good luck on your search for Delaware's perfect car insurance provider!

3 Different Auto Insurance Discounts in Delaware

Living in Delaware brings a certain level of peace and quiet, but when it comes to auto insurance, Laurel drivers have plenty of opportunities to save. Many of Delaware's major insurers offer discounts that can help lower premiums and make driving a little bit more affordable. Here are three of the most common auto insurance discounts available in Delaware:

  1. Multi-Car Discount: Laurel drivers who insure multiple vehicles on one policy can often qualify for discounted rates. Delaware insurers typically offer discounts ranging from 5%-25% off a policy premium depending on the number of cars insured.
  2. Good Driver Discount: Most Laurel insurers provide Longtime customers or those with clean driving records up to 40% off their auto insurance premiums if they meet specific criteria. Delaware drivers must have a clean driving record for three years, be over the age of 25, and maintain a safe vehicle to qualify.
  3. Safety Device Discount: Delaware insurers provide additional discounts if vehicles are equipped with safety devices like anti-lock brakes or airbags. This can range from 5%-15% off your policy premium depending on the type of device installed.

By taking advantage of these Laurel auto insurance discounts, you can save money and get back on track financially. Be sure to check with your Delaware insurance provider for more details about available discounts and how you may be able to lower your premiums.

Auto Theft Statistics in Delaware

According to the Delaware State Police, Delaware has seen an increase in auto theft over the past few years. In 2019, Delaware had a total of 1,920 motor vehicle thefts, a 15 percent increase compared to 2018. This included 1,704 passenger vehicles and 216 trucks or utility vehicles. The majority of these thefts were concentrated in New Castle County (44 percent), followed by Sussex County (32 percent) and Kent County (24 percent). Additionally, most of the thefts occurred between midnight and 6 a.m., with a peak at 4 a.m., indicating that most vehicles are taken from their owners late at night.

To reduce auto theft in Delaware, the Delaware Auto Theft Prevention Authority encourages Laurel residents to take preventive measures such as locking doors and windows, parking in well-lit areas, using vehicle anti-theft devices like alarms or steering wheel locks, and avoiding leaving valuable items in plain sight. Delaware state law also requires all auto insurers to offer consumers the option of adding comprehensive coverage to their insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage can help cover losses from theft or vandalism.

By following these preventive measures, Laurel residents can help reduce auto theft rates in the state. Additionally, Delaware is taking additional measures such as increasing enforcement efforts against stolen vehicles and expanding public awareness programs about auto theft prevention. These initiatives are helping Delaware make progress towards reducing its motor vehicle thefts and making it a safer place for drivers.

9 Interesting Driving Statistics in Delaware

Delaware is a small state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Despite its size, Delaware has plenty to offer drivers with its scenic roads and diverse landscapes. Here are 9 interesting Delaware driving statistics:

  1. Delaware has over 10,000 miles of public roads, with just under 500 miles designated as interstate highways.
  2. Delaware is home to more than 1 million registered motorists and nearly 800,000 registered vehicles.
  3. The average Delaware driver spends 8 minutes on their daily commute to work.
  4. Delaware drivers pay an average of $828 for car insurance each year - one of the lowest rates in the nation!
  5. Distracted driving is a major issue in Delaware, with over 23,000 citations issued each year for texting while driving.
  6. Delaware has one of the strictest DUI laws in the nation, with a blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of 0.08%.
  7. Delaware is home to several scenic drives along its coast, including routes through Delaware's beach towns and state parks.
  8. Delaware is one of only four states that do not have a traffic camera law that allows police officers to use cameras to ticket drivers for moving violations such as speeding or running red lights.
  9. Delaware has some of the lowest gas prices in the country - averaging $2 per gallon in 2019 - making it an economical state to drive in.

Whether you're a Delaware native, or just passing through the First State, these Delaware driving statistics show that Delaware offers plenty of benefits for drivers! Be sure to always follow the rules of the road and stay safe on your Laurel travels!

FAQ Section

⭐ What is the average car insurance rate in Laurel Delaware?

The average rate for Laurel is $1,760. Look for discounts to make this even more affordable.

⭐ What is the minimum coverage required in Laurel DE?

In Laurel Delaware, your policy must have at least $15,000 of coverage for injuries per person, up to a total of $30,000 per accident, and $10,000 of coverage for property damage.

⭐ How much is car insurance typically for 2 vehicles in Laurel DE?

Average cost for two vehicles in Laurel is $4,541. This can of course vary greatly with liability only, full coverage, or SR-22 insurance.

⭐ How can I get cheap car insurance in Laurel DE?

To get low cost car insurance in Laurel, DE, simply fill out the form above and compare quotes then pick the best one.


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