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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes: Free Comparison Online

Joanna Johnson

Car Insurance Expert
Updated: 01/2022

Joanna is an expert on understanding how the different laws and regulations in the car insurance industry shape the way that policies work.

Grabbing the really cheap insurance quotes online is never easy if you don’t have the time or patience to scour the internet thoroughly.

This is primarily because when it comes to insurance, cheap home insurance quotes, cheap life insurance quotes, and cheap health insurance quotes for premiums payable on policies tend to vary from insurer to insurer and as unpredictably, much like the weather.


Best Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

That’s why to compare cheap auto insurance quotes, you will have to search the internet thoroughly and patiently because certain critical factors influence the rate and which is beyond your control. These include your age, record of any prior claims and gender. Auto insurance apart, these factors are also applicable when you are comparing quotes for home, life, and health insurance as well.

However, getting the best cheap car insurance quotes online is always possible if you bear the following in mind:

Keep searching to get multiple rates before making a commitment

Keep searching to get multiple rates before making a commitment: Since company prices vary like anything, shop around. This is because you may wind up shelling out double from one insurer to the next easily.

In case you want to know more about how to compare quotes, consider the low-priced carriers first. A map is given by the NAIC or National Association of Insurance Commissioners on its website and which lists the regulators of each state.

Just click on your particular state and you will be linked to the website of its Department of Insurance. There’s a guide for consumer buying that compares insurance premiums offered by multiple companies. It also tells you how many complaints have been logged with each company and how it has responded to the complaint.

Surprisingly, you won’t need to compromise on service quality to get a lower premium because your research will show that many low-priced companies also offer the most competitive service rates. Cheap insurance quotes online are also available from a number of independent and incredibly useful websites.

However, it needs to be borne in mind that these companies may charge carriers a certain commission for each sale and occasionally also overlook insurers that offer the lowest rates because such low-cost carriers don’t pay any commissions.

Work out your insurance costs prior to buying your vehicle

Cheap affordable car insurance quotes also depend a lot on the make, model, and year of your car. All other factors remaining equal, expensive, sporty and/or new cars cost more to insure as compared to cheaper, more utilitarian and older vehicles.

However, a substantial discrepancy could be found even when you compare the costs for insuring similar automobiles. Thus, if you already have shortlisted a couple of models, ask your insurer to check out the rate that each car commands. By doing this, you get ultimately net a windfall in terms of savings when paying your premium.


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Consider the deductibles

If you are flexible on your deductible, you stand to wind up saving substantially on your premium rates. Say, you go press the button for a $1,000 deductible from $250, you could save anything between 25 and 40 percent on your policy. Now, that’s quite a bit. Moreover, you can subsequently set aside a part of these saved funds for covering your costs should there be a claim later.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Reduce comprehensive and/or collision coverage on an old car

Collision and comprehensive coverage demand more premium even if the car is an old one. Cheap affordable car insurance quotes usually don’t work in these cases as you are probably spending more for insurance than what the vehicle is truly worth.

Add up your collision and comp premium and subsequently multiply it by 10. If the car is actually worth less than the figure you’ve got, avoid the coverage. Statistics show that if overexposure is worrying you, in eleven years, a typical policyholder stakes a claim while reporting a complete loss once every fifty years only.

Watch your personal credit score

Many insurers consider credit scores when they make their rate calculations. Thus your personal credit score plays an extremely important part in determining the rate.

A bad score could make you end up paying up as much as 50 percent more. So make sure to keep a good credit score by paying your bills on time and by keeping a hawk’s eye on your credit report that there are no erroneous entries there.

Check out low-mileage discounts

A number of insurers offer discounts to a policyholder who records a lower annual mileage than the set norm. If you have a short commute or travel by pool car, you are most likely to record low mileage and get reduced rates from some companies. So inquire about such discounts, if they are available.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Ask about discounts for group insurance

It’s a common norm among insurers to give special discounts to policyholders who also happen to belong to certain professions or organizations like engineers, teachers or veterans. Ask your carrier for a list of such groups to know whether you qualify. It could just work to your great benefit.

Don’t forget to ask about all discounts available

It is commonly seen that first time car insurers are often ignorant of the subtle nuances of insuring and fail to ask detailed questions like special facilities and discounts offered on their policies. Insurers on the other hand, too, often deliberately keep quiet about these to save on money if a claim is made later.

However, it pays to know that some insurers offer exclusive discounts to a policyholder whose vehicle bears certain safety features such as motorized seatbelts and/or anti-theft devices. Reduced rates are also offered to senior citizens as also students with grades that meet certain specified requirements. So be sure to ask your insurer if they are available when shopping.

There’s a flip side to this, too. Some companies offering these types of discounts also hike up their premium rates considerably and focusing too much on discounts rather than the coverage facilities on offer doesn’t really make sense in the long run. In other words, a high discount could make you end up paying more still.

Avoid coverage lapses

Even the briefest coverage lapse could disqualify you from receiving a discount. Coverage lapses are used to jack up premium rates, says the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. So make sure to pay your premium on time. And should you be switching carriers, don’t quit your existing insurer until and unless the new carrier officially starts giving coverage.

Avoid installment payments

The average insurer charges an administration fee if you pay your premium in installments. That’s why paying your premium in one go makes sense and helps you save on additional and unnecessary costs. This charge, moreover, shoots if the premium amount is small.

However, if it’s a large premium and you get better returns by keeping these funds elsewhere without paying at one go, the installment alternative in all probability will best suit your needs.

Don’t hurry

While shopping for quotes online, a common mistake made by most vehicle owners is that they tend to be in a hurry and fail to garner the best premium by simply accepting their existing insurer’s renewal quote, which in most cases is much higher. Take your time and keep comparing rates till you hit the jackpot.

Compare quality and price

Once you’ve shortlisted a few policies, look at their quality carefully vis-a- vis the premium payable. Then meet your insurer or agent personally and start negotiating on both points to get the best deals. Chances are he’ll agree with your terms to retain you as a client as the market is fiercely competitive and losing a client means a loss to him.

This is most likely to work to your advantage as identifying the best and most reasonable car insurance deal is crucial because of ever rising costs. The recent reforms on compensation payouts has not worked in favor of motorists who face a 10 percent rise in their auto insurance premiums.

Compare like-for-like cover

To find the best quotes, it always pays to compare like-for-like cover. Even though a policy may apparently seem cheaper, its coverage may not be as extensive as desired at the time of making a claim.

Making use of a website that offers cheap insurance quotes online here sure makes sense because you get comparable facilities and quotes at the click of a mouse and that too, right away. It also enables you to alter any excess that you are agreeable to pay as also the probable mileage your vehicle will record as you keep driving and help you get fresh quotes.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Negotiate with your existing insurer

At the time of renewing your motor insurance, if you happen to be unhappy with the renewal quote offered by your current carrier, let him know immediately. However, get a more reasonable quote from a rival insurer first and then ask your current insurer if he can match it at least. That’s why comparing prices is so essential to locate this information and use it as your trump card to get the best deal.

Go for the blackbox policy

This is ideal for young drivers. Also called the telematics policy, these monitor a car insurer’s driving, rewarding those with no records of accidents or claims with special discounts and lower rates.

A black box is installed in the vehicle’s dashboard by the insurer which keeps a close track of the driver’s driving habits. Should you have such a policy and comply with its norms, your premium could drop by around 44 percent in one year. Now, that’s something to really consider.

Don’t include all passengers on your own policy

Cheap affordable car insurance quotes are also available when you name only the vehicle’s regular drivers on your policy. Of course, a new name can always be added for a few days when a person really needs to drive the vehicle.

Protect your no-claim bonus

If you haven’t made a claim on your policy for years together, you will be entitled to a no-claim bonus. This helps you also to cut auto insurance costs. So unless it’s a major accident that requires a major expense to repair the vehicle, protect it. Lower taxes and a strong economy though have helped many people overcome the costs of vital things that they could not afford in 2013, for example.

This however, may increase your premium marginally. This again pales into insignificance against a potential loss of about 90 percent reduction on a hefty premium. You have to note, however, that a no-claims bonus that’s protected, widely varies between insurers.

Moreover, even though an accident another driver causes has no negative impact on such bonuses, those caused by the insured could. This calls for checking your policy very carefully before selecting it.

Increase voluntary excess

When you agree to pay more towards the cost of any repairs caused by an accident, your premium usually comes down. Moreover, if the fault isn’t yours, the excess is recoverable. But don’t allow it to spiral too high, especially if it’s a low value vehicle.

Secure the car

A secured car with alarms, immobilizers, and/or tracking devices usually attracts a discount of about 5 percent on the premium payable for its insurance. If you have a new car which has these facilities, make sure to point it out to your insurer when taking out the policy.

In sum, haggling, avoiding payment of monthly charges and taking your time to identify the best deals will get you the best cheap insurance quotes online.


Let’s face it: shopping for car insurance can be overwhelming. With hundreds of companies, coverage types, and policy limits, it’s not an easy purchase to make. Unlike most of the products you buy online, car insurance doesn’t have a clear-cut price tag. Instead, car insurance companies determine your premium based on factors such as your vehicle make, age, credit history, and driving record. Once the insurance company has this information, they use actuarial models to calculate your premium amount. The best way to get an estimate of how much you’ll pay for car insurance is to get an online quote. Insurance companies will ask a set of questions so that they have all the necessary components to calculate an estimate of your premium.

There’s no doubt that shopping for car and filling out numerous quotes is tiring. To help you understand more about car insurance quotes, we compiled a list of questions that are common among all prospective insureds.

Understanding Car Insurance Quotes

To make sure you get the best bang for your buck, you need to know what you’re looking at when you get a quote. In addition, you should be aware of quote comparison tools that will not only save you time, but also help you to get the best deal out there. Below, we’ve gathered common questions that will help you better understand car insurance quotes.

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How to get car insurance quotes?

You can get a car insurance quote by going directly to the insurer’s website, a quote comparison website, or by visiting a local agent in person to answer a set of questions. Also look for very cheap car insurance no deposit required.

Where can I get multiple car insurance quotes?
You can get multiple car insurance quotes by meeting with an independent insurance agent or by using a quote comparison tool online.
How long do car insurance quotes last?
The amount of time a quote last depends on the fine print written on the company’s website. On average, quotes tend to be valid for about two months or less.
What are auto insurance quotes?
An auto insurance quote estimates how much premium you will pay with an insurance carrier and details the coverage included, the coverage limits, and the deductible amount.
What to look for in car insurance quotes
You should look carefully at the policy limits and coverage. This tells you what the policy protects and up to what dollar amount. A trustworthy quote should clearly explain these important details.
Are car insurance quotes accurate?
Yes, as long as you enter in the correct information, car insurance quotes are accurate. Online quoting websites use the same databases that insurance agents use to produce quotes.
Why do car insurance quotes change daily?
Quotes constantly change due to market factors and new rate filing submitted by insurance companies. In some cases, the quotes change because the prospective insured got a new car or received a speeding ticket.
How to find cheap car insurance quotes
A good way to find cheap car insurance quotes is to use a few websites that compare multiple quotes. Write down these quotes and then go directly to the insurance company’s website and see if you receive the same quote.

Car Insurance Quotes and Your Credit Score

Contrary to popular belief, getting a car insurance quote won’t lower or raise your credit score. Despite this, there are still a lot of concerns when it comes to car insurance quotes and credit. Insurance companies care about your credit because according to studies, there is a strong correlation between your credit score and the likelihood that you will file a claim. We have compiled some of the most common questions regarding car insurance quotes and your credit score to help clear up any confusion.

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Do car insurance quotes check credit?
Yes and no. “Mock” quotes use the credit score that you provide, they don’t validate the score. On the other hand, when a company gives you an actual quote, they do really check your credit.
Do car insurance quotes affect your credit score?
Getting a car insurance quote has no effect on your credit score. Contrarily, your credit score affects the quoted premium. Drivers with bad credit pay on average $1,000 more per year.
Why does credit score affect insurance rates?
A low credit score increases insurance rates because studies show that low credit is associated with higher risk. Since drivers with low credit are a higher liability, insurance companies have to charge more to turnover a profit and cover claims.
Do you have a credit check for car insurance?
Yes, insurers will ask for permission when you apply for an auto insurance policy. After obtaining your credit report, the insurer will use the data to calculate the risk using actuarial models.
Do car insurance quotes hurt your credit?
No, car insurance quotes do not hurt nor help your credit. A quote is not a contractual agreement that’s reported to credit agencies and therefore does not affect your credit at all.

Shopping for Car Insurance Quotes Online

Since you can get a quote on almost every insurance company’s website and on numerous quote comparison sites, not many people visit agents in person anymore. With hundreds of sites within reach, choosing the right one for you isn’t a simple task. You have to weed out the unreliable sites and find the ones providing the most accurate, up-to-date quotes. With that said, you don’t want to spend hours to get a quote either. Using a few tips, you can find an accurate quote in no time.

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How to find car insurance quotes
Almost every car insurance company offers free quotes directly on their website. You can also use quote comparison tools or go to a brick-n-mortar insurance agency to get a quote in person.
How to get multiple auto insurance quotes
The easiest way to get multiple auto insurance quotes is to use a website that compiles data from numerous insurance companies so you can compare them all in one place.
Where can I compare auto insurance quotes?
You can compare auto insurance quotes but using a quote comparison website. A quick Google search will bring up various websites that generate multiple auto quotes completely free-of-charge.
When is the best time to get car insurance quotes?
According to insurance professionals, the best time to get car insurance quotes is when your current policy is up for renewal. Other insurance companies will offer you discounts for making a switch and you can receive an advance quote discount.
How to shop for car insurance quotes

Using a website that compares quotes from the nation’s leading car insurance companies is the most effective way to shop for car insurance quotes. If you’re the old-fashioned type, you can meet with a local agent in person. Related: What car insurance should I get?

Are car insurance quotes free?

Yes, car insurance quotes are always free. You should never pay for a quote or provide any payment information upon receiving the quote. The only time you should pay is when the company binds the policy. Use our insurance estimator car quote form now and start saving!

Who has best liability car insurance quotes
There is no single company that has the best liability car insurance quotes. Allstate, Geico, and Liberty Insurance all offer reliable and accurate liability car insurance quotes.
How to choose auto insurance quotes
You should choose auto insurance quotes that have the best price for the coverage provided. In addition to the price, it’s vital to read online reviews to make sure the company is reputable.
How accurate are online car insurance quotes?
For the most part, online car insurance quotes are pretty accurate provided you use correct information. Quotes are just estimates, so they can always vary after the underwriting process is complete.

Getting a Quote Online

When you get a quote, you’ll need specific information on hand such as your driving record, vehicle specifications, and demographic data. In order to get the most realistic quote, it’s imperative to provide accurate information. You can either get a quote from the insurance company directly or by using a quote comparison website. Here’s a look at the ins and outs of getting a car insurance quote online.

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How to get best auto insurance quotes
Even though they can be frustrating, the best auto insurance quotes are ones that ask detailed questions. Quotes that only ask for your age and zip code are unlikely to give you an accurate quote.
How to compare auto insurance quotes online
Several sites let you see different auto insurance quotes from industry-leading companies. This is the best way to compare quotes without spending hours to do so.
What is info is needed to get auto insurance quotes?
Quotes ask for important factors like your location, vehicle make, driving record, age, and credit score. You need to make sure you know details about your vehicle such as its mileage and the model year.
Should you put your ssn on auto insurance quotes?
No, you should never provide your SSN when you are filling out an online auto insurance quote. The only time you will need to provide this is when you’re actually signing up for a policy.
How to compare car insurance quotes for 19-year olds

A 19-year old can compare car insurance quotes just like anyone else with a valid driver’s license. Both insurance companies and comparison websites can provide an accurate quote for a 19-year old driver. You can also find cheap car insurance for college students away from home by filling out our form above.

Can car insurance quotes look up my ticket history?
No, car insurance quotes cannot look up your ticket history. The only time a car insurance company looks up your motor vehicle record (MVR) is when you apply for coverage.
How to read auto insurance quotes
Although they seem daunting, quotes are rather simple. Auto insurance quotes list out the coverage available, the premium price for that coverage, the coverage limit, and the deductible you have to pay out-of-pocket.
How to lower car insurance quotes
By adjusting a few factors, such as lowering the deductible amount or coverage, car insurance quotes will decrease. If you’ve never had an accident before, you can get an accident-free discount.

Common Confusion Surrounding Online Quotes

A lot of times people don’t know what to look at after getting a quote. After all, you need to understand the quote before you bind a policy with a car insurance company. There also may be time when you ask yourself, “why are they asking me for this?” While it might be strange to ask for something, there are a lot of factors that go into calculating your premium rate. The below questions address misconceptions and confusion surrounding online quotes.

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Do car insurance quotes affect credit score?
No, receiving a car insurance has no effect on your credit score. A quote is simply a way to inquire and see how much you would pay for a policy.
Where can I find car insurance quotes?

You can find car insurance quotes on both insurance company and broker websites. Look for a button that reads “get a quote” located on the home page of the website. You can also go local by searching for car insurance places near me.

How to understand car insurance quotes
A standard car insurance quote details the amount of coverage, such as personal injury protection and bodily injury liability along with the deductible amount and monthly premium you must pay.
How to get car insurance quotes without personal information
There are websites that allows you to get an anonymous car insurance quote without giving out personal information. To get an accurate quote, you’ll have to use your real zip code and car model.
Why do car insurance quotes want your address?
Since your location is a determining factor of your premium rate, car insurance companies need your address to give you an accurate quote. Residents in high-accident areas tend to pay more for coverage.
Should medical be included in car insurance quotes?
Yes, medical history may be asked in a car insurance quote. Insurance companies need to know about any medical conditions that could hinder your ability to drive. If these are undisclosed, you may lose a claim.
Can you negotiate car insurance quotes?
Yes, you can negotiate car insurance quotes (however, it’s not easy). Car insurance companies may be willing to match the price of a competitor to keep your business.

Tips on Buying Car Insurance

The next step after getting a quote is to buy insurance coverage. It’s important that you get enough quotes so that you get a competitively priced policy that meets your needs. You’ll also want to make sure you know what each type of coverage entails (i.e. personal injury protection vs. collision coverage). Below are questions that will help guide you when it comes time to purchase car insurance.

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Who is the best auto insurance?
The best auto insurance depends on many factors including your location, vehicle make, and age. A J.D. Power survey notes that some of the highest-ranked companies are MetLife, CSAA, and Eire Insurance.
Which car insurance is the cheapest?
Premiums are determined by your vehicle make, driving record, location, and age. Taking these factors into account, many websites describe Geico as one of the cheapest car insurance companies.
Who has the cheapest full coverage auto insurance?
Although the rates depend on your car, driving history, and credit, some of the cheapest companies for full coverage auto insurance are Geico, State Farm, Allstate, and Progressive.
What cars are the least expensive to insure?
The least expensive cars to insure aren’t always the cheapest, but rather the safest and most reliable. In 2017, the two cheapest cars were the Honda Odyssey LX and the Jeep Renegade Sport.
Is Geico actually cheaper?
Yes, since Geico has lower operating costs than its competitors, it’s able to offer much cheaper premiums. Just because Geico has cheaper rates, you could end up paying more based on your vehicle type and background.
How much is full coverage car insurance?
While the price of full coverage car insurance depends on various factors, the average prices ranges from $98 for Geico and $151 per month for Progressive. Prices are higher if you have an expensive car or a bad driving record.
How can I get cheaper car insurance?

The best way to get cheaper car insurance is to compare multiple rates, opt for a higher deductible plan, and to maintain and good driving record free of accidents and tickets. Some drivers will just get car insurance for one month if they don’t need it for an extended period of time.

How much car insurance is enough?
Most experts recommend that you should take a policy that will cover the amount of your personal assets in the event of an accident. Policies with 100/300 limits ($100,000 for one person and $300,000 for all) are suggested.
How can I find the cheapest car insurance?
The best way to find the cheapest car insurance rates is to use one of many online quote comparison tools that shows you the prices from various companies all in one place.
Who is the #1 auto insurance company?
In terms of market share, State Farm Group is the largest car insurance company in the United States. Sources say that the number one insurance company for new drivers is Allstate and the best company for the complete package is the Travelers.

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