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5 Reasons for Using a Broker/Agent vs Going Directly to an Insurance Carrier in Kentucky

  1. Professional Guidance: Working with a broker or agent provides you with professional and experienced guidance to help you make the best decisions regarding your Erlanger insurance coverage. They can help answer questions, educate on insurance-related topics, and ensure that you understand the coverage terms.
  2. Cost Savings: Erlanger brokers or agents may have access to discounted rates from a variety of Kentucky-based insurers, including those that are not available directly from the insurer. This could lead to cost savings for customers in Kentucky who use their services.
  3. One Stop Shop: Working with a broker/agent allows you to see multiple carriers at once, meaning you don't have to waste time searching around for different offers from different companies. In Erlanger especially, brokers or agents may have relationships with local providers that you might not be able to find on your own.
  4. Simplified Process: Working with a Erlanger broker/agent takes the hassle out of finding the best Kentucky insurance plan for you and ensures that all of the paperwork is filed accurately and in a timely manner. This means less stress on your part and faster results than if you were to attempt to do it alone.
  5. Personalized Service: Brokers/agents provide Erlanger customers with personalized customer service tailored to their individual needs, which can be essential when dealing with complex Kentucky insurance coverage options. They are also available to answer questions any time throughout the year, even after the policy has been purchased and put in effect. This is a great resource for Kentucky customers who need additional assistance or just want to ensure that they are getting the best possible coverage for their needs.  They can also help with filing claims and dispute resolution, if necessary.
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Cheap Car Insurance Brokers, Agents, & Companies Near Me

Gartman Insurance Agency Inc

104, 495 Erlanger Rd, Erlanger, KY 41018, United States

(859) 727-6675

Globe Insurance Agency of Kentucky, Inc

520 Watson Rd, Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

(859) 727-2226

Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Kenton County - Erlanger

510 Graves Ave #208, Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

(859) 342-5518

State Farm: Allison Hornback

4224 Dixie Hwy d, Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

(859) 727-3276

Shelter Insurance - Fred Geraci

3027 Dixie Hwy #114a, Edgewood, KY 41017, USA

(859) 331-7770

Larry Snowden - State Farm Insurance Agent

3126 Dixie Hwy, Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

(859) 341-8700

What Causes Insurance Companies Declare Vehicles Totaled in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, insurance companies typically declare a vehicle totaled when the cost to repair the damage surpasses its value. This is known as Actual Cash Value (ACV). The ACV of a car is determined by subtracting depreciation from fair market value. If the cost of repairs needed for an accident exceeds that amount, then it's likely that the insurance company will declare it a total loss and issue payment based on the actual cash value. In some cases, however, if the owner wants to keep their car, they can choose to cover any remaining costs out of pocket or look into options like gap coverage and salvage titles.

Other reasons an insurance company may label a vehicle as totaled in Erlanger Kentucky include theft, floods, fires, earthquakes, hailstorms and other extreme weather events. It is important to note that Kentucky's total loss threshold is currently set at 75 percent of the actual cash value for cars over 10 years old. This means if the cost of repairs exceeds 75 percent of a vehicle's ACV, then it will be considered totaled.

Additionally, insurance companies may declare vehicles totaled due to emissions violations or if it has sustained damage from previous accidents that were not reported at the time.  Ultimately, Erlanger drivers should check with their insurance company in order to determine what is covered by their policy and understand all pertinent details associated with a potential total loss vehicle situation.

5 Things to Know Before Going to an Auto Body Shop in Kentucky

Kentucky is the home of car culture, and many Erlanger residents rely on their vehicles for transportation. As such, it's important to know what to look for when choosing an auto body shop in Kentucky. Here are five things to consider before making your decision:

  1. Reputation - The reputation of the auto body shop you choose can make a huge difference in the quality and cost of repairs. Make sure you research reviews online and ask friends or family that have used the shop before.
  2. Insurance - If you plan on filing an insurance claim after receiving auto body repair, make sure your chosen Erlanger shop is covered by your carrier. This will ensure that all costs associated with repair are taken care of without extra hassle.
  3. Expertise - Kentucky auto body shops handle everything from minor dents to major collision repairs. Make sure the shop you choose is experienced in the type of repair you need, as different types of damage require different skill sets.
  4. Cost - Erlanger auto body shops will usually provide estimates for their services, so be sure to compare quotes from multiple providers and ask about any potential discounts or promotions they offer. Additionally, make sure you get a clear breakdown of all costs associated with your repair before agreeing to the work being done.
  5. Warranty - Most Kentucky auto body shops should guarantee their work for a certain amount of time after completion, so make sure to inquire about what kind of coverage they provide and how long it lasts.

By researching Erlanger auto body shops before making a choice, you can ensure that your car is in good hands and will be repaired properly at an affordable cost. With these five things in mind, you'll be able to find the right shop for your repair needs.

Auto Body Shops in Erlanger, Kentucky

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Auto Body Shops in Erlanger, KY

Airport Paint & Body

32 Kenton Lands Rd, Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

(859) 491-5880

Turfway Auto & Collision

3449 Turfway Rd, Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

(859) 746-3500

Lee Hartke Auto Body Shop Inc

4442 Dixie Hwy, Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

(859) 342-7674

No website found

Rick's Auto Body

4502 Dixie Hwy, Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

(859) 342-7671

No website found

RCM Body & Frame Work

620 Spring St, Elsmere, KY 41018, USA

(859) 727-3133

No website found

Collision Crafters

513 Ash St, Elsmere, KY 41018, USA

(859) 727-9050

No website found

4 Steps of Insurance Claims Process After an Accident in Kentucky

If you've been in an accident and need to file an insurance claim in Erlanger KY, the following four steps will help guide you through the process.

Step 1: Report the Accident Immediately

The first step is to report the accident as soon as possible to your Erlanger insurance company. Kentucky law requires that any traffic accidents resulting in personal injury, death or property damage of more than $500 must be reported to local police within ten days. Additionally, all collisions involving commercial motor vehicles must be reported to Kentucky State Police within 24 hours. Once reported, your Kentucky insurance company will assign a claims adjuster who will review your individual case and determine liability.

Step 2: Provide Supporting Documentation 

Your Erlanger insurance company will require documentation such as police reports, medical records, and repair bills to assess your claim. It's important to provide all of the necessary documents in a timely manner in order for your Kentucky insurance company to make an informed decision regarding liability and coverage.

Step 3: Keep Accurate Records

Keeping accurate records of communication with Kentucky law enforcement or Kentucky insurance companies is essential for filing a successful insurance claim in Kentucky. Make sure to keep copies of all relevant information including accident reports, photographs, contact information and witness statements. Additionally, track the time spent communicating with Erlanger insurers or Kentucky law enforcement as well as any expenses associated with the accident such as rental fees or medical bills.

Step 4: Check on the Status of Your Kentucky Insurance Claim

If you don't hear back from your Kentucky insurance company within a reasonable timeframe, reach out and check on the status of your Erlanger insurance claim. Depending on the complexity of the accident and whether or not Kentucky law enforcement was involved, it can sometimes take weeks for an insurer to make a decision. Additionally, Kentucky insurers are allowed a maximum of 40 days to accept or deny liability after they receive all relevant documents associated with an insurance claim.

20 Most Expensive Automobiles to Insure in Kentucky

If you're looking for an automobile that won't break the bank in Erlanger KY, look no further than this list of the 20 most expensive vehicles to insure in the state. From luxury SUVs and exotic sports cars, these vehicles come with hefty insurance premiums attached. From a Range Rover Sport SVR to a Mercedes-AMG G63, these are some of the priciest rides available in Kentucky, so be sure to factor in insurance costs when considering your purchase.

  1. Range Rover Sport SVR: The top-of-the-line Range Rover is one of the most luxurious and powerful SUVs on the market today — and it also has one of the highest insurance rates in Kentucky.
  2. Mercedes-AMG G63: This all-terrain luxury SUV has a powerful engine and is built to tackle any terrain. Unfortunately, it also comes with an equally powerful insurance premium attached.
  3. Mercedes S-Class: The ultimate in luxury cars, the Mercedes S-Class comes with a hefty price tag and insurance cost to match.
  4. Ferrari 488 GTB: If you're looking for speed in Kentucky, then this mid-engined exotic sports car is right up your alley — but at a high cost of insurance too!
  5. BMW M7 Competition Gran Coupe: Combining power, style and performance, this four-door coupe from BMW is sure to turn heads — as well as costing a pretty penny to insure.
  6. Audi R8: This mid-engined sports car from Audi is a true powerhouse, but comes with an equally impressive insurance premium attached.
  7. Mercedes G500 Cabriolet: This luxury convertible from Mercedes is the perfect car for Kentucky summers — just don't forget about the hefty insurance rate.
  8. Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster: If you want speed, power and style in Kentucky, then this Italian exotic supercar is your best bet — as well as costing a fortune to insure!
  9. Tesla Model X P100D: While electric cars offer great fuel efficiency, they also come with an increased cost of insurance when compared to traditional vehicles.
  10. Aston Martin DB11: This stylish British grand tourer is sure to turn heads wherever it goes — and comes with a hefty insurance premium attached too.
  11. Audi RS7 Performance: Combining luxury and performance, this four-door coupe from Audi is sure to make an impression — as well as costing a fortune in Kentucky's insurance market.
  12. Porsche 911 Turbo S: A classic sports car that has been around for decades, the 911 Turbo S still packs plenty of punch — as does its insurance premium!
  13. Maserati Levante GTS: Combining power and style, this Italian luxury SUV is perfect for Kentucky roads — but also comes with a high cost of insurance attached.
  14. Bentley Bentayga: This ultra-luxury SUV is perfect for Kentucky's roads, but comes with a hefty insurance premium attached too.
  15. Mercedes Maybach S650: Combining the finest in luxury and performance, this powerful sedan from Mercedes is sure to turn heads — as well as costing a fortune to insure in Kentucky.
  16. BMW i8 Roadster: Combining style, power and efficiency all in one package, this electric sports car from BMW still manages to come with an impressive insurance rate attached.
  17. Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum: The king of luxury SUVs, the Escalade ESV Platinum from Cadillac has plenty of power and style — as well as a hefty insurance premium attached.
  18. Rolls-Royce Cullinan: The pinnacle of luxury SUVs, the Cullinan from Rolls-Royce is a true powerhouse — and comes with an equally impressive insurance rate too.
  19. Ford GT: This American supercar has been around for decades, but still packs plenty of punch — as does its Kentucky insurance rate!
  20. Lamborghini Huracan Performante: If you're looking for speed in Kentucky, then this Italian exotic sports car is right up your alley — but at a high cost of insurance too!

These vehicles come with hefty price tags and even higher insurance premiums, so be sure to factor in these costs when considering your purchase in Kentucky.

20 Cheapest Vehicles to Insure in Kentucky

Kentucky drivers have plenty of options when it comes to finding a vehicle that won't break the bank when it comes to insurance. From sedans and SUVs to hybrid cars, these are some of the cheapest vehicles to insure in Kentucky:

  1. Honda Civic - One of the most popular choices for Kentucky drivers, the Honda Civic is consistently ranked as one of the most affordable cars to insure.
  2. Toyota Corolla - The reliable Toyota Corolla is another safe bet for Erlanger drivers looking for an inexpensive option when it comes to insurance.
  3. Subaru Forester - An SUV with excellent safety ratings, the Subaru Forester is a great choice for Kentucky families who need a roomy ride without breaking the bank on insurance.
  4. Ford Escape - Erlanger drivers can save on premiums with the dependable and versatile Ford Escape.
  5. Chevrolet Equinox - This popular SUV from Chevy is a great option for Kentucky drivers looking to cut down on insurance costs without sacrificing quality or performance.
  6. Hyundai Elantra - Sleek, efficient, and reliable, the Hyundai Elantra is a great pick for Erlanger drivers looking for an affordable car that won't break their budget when it comes to insurance costs.
  7. Jeep Wrangler - For Kentucky adventurers who want to get off-road without paying much in insurance premiums, the Jeep Wrangler is a top choice among Kentucky drivers.
  8. Toyota RAV4 - Erlanger drivers in search of an SUV with excellent safety ratings and great fuel economy should consider the Toyota RAV4.
  9. Honda CR-V - Another popular option for Kentucky families, the Honda CR-V offers plenty of cargo space and a low insurance premium.
  10. Nissan Rogue - The Nissan Rogue is another great option for Erlanger drivers looking for a reliable and affordable car that won't break their budget when it comes to insurance costs.
  11. Ford Fusion Hybrid - Kentucky drivers looking to save on gas and reduce emissions can opt for the efficient Ford Fusion Hybrid and enjoy lower insurance rates as well.
  12. Mazda CX-5 - This sporty crossover from Mazda is a great choice for Erlanger drivers who want to save on insurance premiums without sacrificing style or performance.
  13. Kia Soul - The Kia Soul is one of the most affordable vehicles to insure in Kentucky, making it a great option for budget-conscious drivers.
  14. Nissan Sentra - Another reliable and efficient car from Nissan, the Sentra offers Erlanger drivers excellent fuel economy and low insurance rates.
  15. Subaru Outback - Kentucky adventurers will appreciate the ruggedness and versatility of the Subaru Outback while still saving plenty on insurance costs.
  16. Toyota Prius Hybrid- Erlanger drivers looking to reduce their environmental footprint without spending too much on insurance can opt for the popular Toyota Prius Hybrid.
  17. Honda Accord - Kentucky drivers looking for a reliable and affordable car that won't cost too much to insure should consider the popular Honda Accord.
  18. Ford Focus - This compact sedan is perfect for Erlanger drivers in search of an inexpensive option when it comes to insurance costs.
  19. Chevrolet Malibu - Another great pick from Chevy, the Malibu offers Kentucky drivers excellent fuel economy and low insurance premiums.
  20. Jeep Cherokee- The Jeep Cherokee is a great choice for Kentucky adventurers who need an SUV with plenty of cargo space and low insurance rates.

Cost of Car Insurance in 6 Different Age Groups from Teens to Seniors in Kentucky

Car insurance is an important part of financial planning, especially in Erlanger. Kentucky has some of the highest car insurance rates in the nation and drivers need to understand how their age affects their premiums. Here are the average costs for six different age groups from teenagers to seniors, broken down by Kentucky ZIP code:

It's important to shop around and compare car insurance quotes when selecting a policy for your vehicle. Make sure you find the best coverage at the lowest cost possible in Kentucky.

4 Driving Violations That Require High Risk Insurance in Kentucky

Driving in Erlanger Kentucky comes with a set of laws and regulations that you must abide by to keep the roads safe. Unfortunately, if you are found guilty of certain violations, you will be required to carry high-risk insurance for a period of time. Here is a list of the four common driving offenses that require Kentucky drivers to carry high-risk insurance:

  1. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) - Any driver convicted of DUI in Kentucky must obtain high-risk insurance coverage for at least 5 years following their conviction.
  2. Refusal to Submit to Chemical Testing - A driver who refuses to submit to chemical testing after being asked by law enforcement officials must also obtain high-risk insurance coverage lasting up to 5 years.
  3. Reckless Driving - Kentucky defines reckless driving as operating a vehicle with willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. Any driver convicted of reckless driving is required to carry high-risk insurance coverage for up to 3 years after their conviction.
  4. Habitual Offenders - Kentucky also requires Erlanger drivers who have been convicted of multiple violations within 5 years to carry high-risk insurance coverage lasting up to 3 years after their final violation was committed.

Top 8 Car Insurance Companies by Least to Most Expensive in Kentucky

Kentucky is a state that offers many options for car insurance. Finding the right policy for your needs can be tricky and time consuming, but it's important to get the best coverage at the most affordable rate. We have compiled a list of the eight least expensive car insurance companies in Kentucky so you can make an informed decision about your automobile insurance policy.

  1. Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance - Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance has some of the lowest premiums in Kentucky and offers competitive coverage plans for both personal and commercial use. They also offer discounts for members of their organization.
  2. Allstate - Allstate offers several different types of auto insurance policies with competitive prices, as well as features such as accident forgiveness and roadside assistance.
  3. Kentucky National Insurance - Kentucky National Insurance offers a variety of car insurance policies, ranging from basic liability coverage to comprehensive plans that include rental car reimbursement and repair costs. They also offer discounts for safe drivers with clean records.
  4. GEICO - GEICO offers competitive rates with discounts for members of the military and certain organizations, as well as for multiple vehicles on a single policy. Their online tools make it easy to compare different coverage options and find the best rate for your needs.
  5. State Farm - State Farm is one of the biggest providers in Kentucky, offering various levels of coverage at competitive prices. They also have agents who can help you understand your coverage options and choose the right policy for you.
  6. Kentucky Automobile Insurance Company - Kentucky Automobile Insurance Company provides low rates and discounts for those who have multiple vehicles on one policy and those with clean driving records.
  7. Progressive - Progressive offers a variety of coverage options and discounts, such as multi-car policies and discounts for good drivers. They also offer online tools to help you compare different plans quickly so you can get the best rate possible.
  8. Kentucky Vehicle Insurance Co - Kentucky Vehicle Insurance Co provides basic liability coverage at competitive prices, as well as additional options like uninsured motorist protection and rental car reimbursement. They also offer discounts for members of certain organizations or good drivers with clean records.

Auto Theft Statistics in Kentucky

Kentucky has seen an increase in auto theft across the state in recent years. According to Kentucky State Police data, there were 1,660 stolen motor vehicles reported in Kentucky in 2022. This is a significant jump from the 1,379 that were reported in 2021 and the 1,276 recorded in 2020. Kentucky also ranks 8th highest among all states for car thefts per 100k population at 52.9 thefts per 100k people. Louisville has the most reported vehicle thefts with 266 cases, followed by Lexington with 214 cases and Bowling Green with 172 cases.

In order to combat this serious crime problem, Kentucky law enforcement agencies have implemented several initiatives such as increased surveillance on known hot spots for vehicle theft and working with local businesses to install anti-theft technologies in their cars. Erlanger drivers are advised to be extra vigilant and take preventive measures to protect their vehicles from theft. These include parking in well-lit areas, using anti-theft devices, and never leaving keys inside the vehicle unattended. Taking these precautions can help reduce the number of auto thefts in Kentucky.

4 Benefits of Traffic School or Defensive Driving Classes in Kentucky

Living in Kentucky, you've likely heard of traffic school or defensive driving classes, but did you know that taking one of these courses can have several benefits? Traffic school and defensive driving classes not only help reduce the number of traffic violations on your record, they also provide drivers with a better understanding of Kentucky's laws, help keep roads safe for all drivers, and even save you money on car insurance. Here are four specific benefits of taking a traffic school or defensive driving class in Erlanger:

  1. Reduce Your Driving Record Violations: Taking a Kentucky-approved traffic school course can result in your ticket being dismissed or removed from your driving record. This can be incredibly useful when it comes time to renew your registration or apply for a new license. Having fewer points on your driving record can also help you get better rates for car insurance, as well as save you from any legal action taken by Kentucky's Department of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Learn Kentucky's Traffic Laws: From when to use turn signals to how to properly react when an emergency vehicle is approaching, Kentucky traffic laws are essential knowledge for all drivers in the state. By taking a defensive driving class or traffic school course in Kentucky, you'll be able to brush up on Kentucky-specific rules and regulations so that you're always prepared while behind the wheel.
  3. Keep Kentucky Roads Safe: Taking a defensive driving course or traffic school in Erlanger will provide drivers with valuable information about maintaining safety on the roads. This can include topics like proper driving etiquette, how to react in certain situations, and much more. By becoming a better-informed driver, you'll be doing your part to make Kentucky's roads safer for everyone who uses them.
  4. Save Money on Car Insurance: Many insurance companies offer discounts to those who have taken a traffic school or defensive driving class in Erlanger. Not only is this beneficial for the driver by lowering their car insurance premiums, but it can also benefit other Kentucky drivers by encouraging more people to become informed and responsible when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

15 Interesting Driving Statistics in Kentucky

Kentucky has a long history of strong driving traditions. With its mountainous terrain, winding roads and beautiful scenery, Kentucky is an ideal place for road trips and weekend adventures. Here are 15 interesting Kentucky driving statistics that demonstrate just how important Kentucky's roads are to the state:

  1. Kentucky ranks 8th in the nation for total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) with 303 billion VMT per year.
  2. Kentucky has over 6,000 miles of interstate highways which contribute to 1/3rd of all Vehicle Miles Traveled in the state.
  3. The most popular route in Kentucky is Interstate 65 from Louisville to Nashville, TN which sees an average of 70,000 vehicles per day.
  4. Kentucky has the longest single span bridge in the United States, The Kentucky Dam Bridge, spanning 8,422 feet across Kentucky Lake.
  5. Kentucky also has 222 miles of National Scenic Byways and 4 Historic Byways that showcase Kentucky's natural beauty.
  6. In 2019, Kentucky saw a total of 283 fatal crashes resulting in 304 people lost due to traffic-related fatalities.
  7. Of those fatalities, 41% were not wearing seat belts at the time of their crash.
  8. Kentucky ranks 14th in the nation for annual vehicle registrations with 1,238 vehicles registered per 1,000 population (2018).
  9. About 86% of Kentucky adults have valid driver licenses compared to the national average of 83%.
  10. Kentucky's rural roads are among the safest in the nation, with fewer fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled than all but four other states.
  11. Kentucky's state road system consists of over 26,000 lane-miles and is maintained by 1,200 full-time employees across all 120 counties in Kentucky.
  12. Kentucky has over 673 bridges that span more than 20 feet that require regular inspections for safety and structural integrity.
  13. Kentucky charges a $15 annual fee for every privately registered vehicle in Kentucky to help fund maintenance of Kentucky's roads and bridges.
  14. Kentucky is home to 7 Nascar racing tracks including Kentucky Speedway in Sparta and Kentucky Motor Speedway in Whitesville.
  15. Kentucky is home to the oldest continuously operated racetrack in the United States, Churchill Downs which opened its doors over 140 years ago.

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⭐ What is the average car insurance rate in Erlanger Kentucky?

The average rate for Erlanger is $1,943. Look for discounts to make this even more affordable.

⭐ What is the minimum coverage required in Erlanger KY?

In Erlanger Kentucky, your policy must have at least $25,000 of coverage for injuries per person, up to a total of $50,000 per accident, and $10,000 of coverage for property damage.

⭐ How much is car insurance typically for 2 vehicles in Erlanger KY?

Average cost for two vehicles in Erlanger is $5,071. This can of course vary greatly with liability only, full coverage, or SR-22 insurance.

⭐ How can I get cheap car insurance in Erlanger KY?

To get low cost car insurance in Erlanger, KY, simply fill out the form above and compare quotes then pick the best one.


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