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3 Reasons for Using a Broker/Agent vs Going Directly to an Insurance Carrier in Pennsylvania

When you shop for Ellwood City insurance, there are multiple paths you can take to get the coverage you need. One option is to work with a broker or agent. Another is to go directly to an insurance carrier. In this article, we outline three reasons why it makes sense to use a broker/agent when shopping for Pennsylvania insurance:

  1. Ellwood City brokers and agents have local knowledge of Pennsylvania's insurance landscape - When it comes to Pennsylvania's complex laws and regulations around insurance, brokers and agents have the inside scoop on understanding what coverages are available and which companies offer competitive rates. They also know how certain insurers treat claims in Pennsylvania so they can provide better advice on which carriers might be best for your needs.
  2. Ellwood City brokers and agents can shop multiple Pennsylvania carriers for you - Working with an insurance broker or agent makes it easier to compare Pennsylvania's top-rated insurers. They can quickly scan the Pennsylvania marketplace, provide customized quotes, and explain the pros and cons of each carrier's coverage options. This saves you time, energy, and (potentially) money as you won't have to research different companies on your own.
  3. Ellwood City brokers/agents have customer service experience when you need them most - When dealing with claims or other customer service issues in Pennsylvania, it's nice to have a knowledgeable representative who understands the process and can step in on your behalf if any problems arise. A broker or agent has the experience, resources and expertise to assist you and make sure that Pennsylvania's insurance companies are following the law.

In Pennsylvania, a broker or agent is your best bet for finding the right insurance coverage at a competitive rate. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to get you the coverage you need while providing customer service when it matters most. Do your research, compare Pennsylvania's top-rated insurers, and find the right broker/agent who can help you shop for the perfect policy.

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Cheap Car Insurance Brokers, Agents, & Companies Near Me

Mark Hasson - State Farm Insurance Agent

362 Pittsburgh Cir, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 758-3000

Alyssa Tutino Harcar - State Farm Insurance Agent

324 Sims St, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 752-1601

Nationwide Insurance: Beth A Hazen

324 2nd St, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 758-3227

Farmers Insurance - Carrie Young

502 Lawrence Ave, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 201-0216

Jeff Gehm: Allstate Insurance

229 Portersville Rd # 8, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 758-2750

Wilson Insurance Group, Inc.

231 6th St, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 758-3190

4 Reasons Insurance Companies Declare Vehicles Totaled in Pennsylvania

A totaled vehicle is one that an insurance company deems so damaged that it doesn't make financial sense to repair it. Pennsylvania's Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has regulations in place regarding when a car may be declared totaled by an insurance company. Here are four common situations where a Pennsylvania insurance company might declare a vehicle totaled:

  1. The damage from the accident exceeds 75 percent of the car's market value at the time of the accident.
  2. Repairing and restoring the car would require parts no longer available for purchase due to its age or rarity, making restoration uneconomical.
  3. The cost of repairing and restoring the car is excessive compared to its current market value or future potential value (for instance, if it's an antique).
  4. There are safety concerns with the vehicle that cannot be addressed through repairs, making the car unsafe to operate.

In Pennsylvania, insurance companies must pay out the car's current market value—minus any deductible—when they deem a vehicle totaled. This amount will likely be lower than what was paid for the car originally, but Pennsylvania law does require that drivers receive fair compensation in these cases.

4 Things to Know Before Going to an Auto Body Shop in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a great place to find an auto body shop. Before visiting, there are several things you should know in order to ensure a smooth and successful repair experience.

  1. Pennsylvania Law: Pennsylvania law requires all auto body shops to be licensed and insured before they can perform any repairs. Make sure your chosen shop meets these requirements before getting work done.
  2. Experienced Mechanics: Ellwood City auto body shops employ experienced mechanics who are knowledgeable about the latest techniques for repairing various types of cars, from classic models to modern ones. They should also have the tools necessary for successful repairs, such as paint guns and sanders.
  3. Quality Parts: Ellwood City auto body shops use quality parts that meet manufacturer standards when conducting repairs. Ask about the parts being used to make sure they are appropriate for your car.
  4. Cost of Repair: Pennsylvania auto body shops will provide you with an estimate of the cost before beginning any work. Be sure to understand all fees associated with the repair, as well as what is included in the price and if there are any additional costs that may arise during the process. This can help you plan your budget accordingly and avoid unexpected expenses.

Auto Body Shops in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

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Auto Body Shops in Ellwood City, PA

McElwain Bros. Paint and Collision Center

840 Lawrence Ave, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 758-4192

Ziegler Auto Body Shop

107, Frances St, Ellwood City, PA 16117, United States

(724) 752-9226

Lonnett Ray

600 Crescent Ave, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

No website found

Three Rivers Auto Glass

810 Woodside Ave, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 758-4527

Kirchel's Auto

1307 Wampum Rd, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 758-8737

No website found

Pearsall Complete Auto Care Plus

1401 Woodside Ave, Ellwood City, PA 16117, USA

(724) 752-9311

4 Steps of Insurance Claims Process After an Accident in Pennsylvania

When it comes to filing an insurance claim after an accident in Ellwood City PA, the process can be complex and overwhelming. Knowing the steps of Pennsylvania's insurance claims process can help you successfully navigate the system and obtain any compensation or benefits you are entitled to.

  1. Document: Immediately after an accident, it is important to document as much information as possible. In Pennsylvania, all drivers must report a car accident that causes injury or more than $500 worth of damage to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation within five days of the incident. Additionally, it is helpful to take pictures of the scene and keep track of witness contact information if available.
  2. Notify your Insurance Company: Once you have gathered all relevant information about your accident, it is important to notify your insurance company promptly. Pennsylvania drivers are required to purchase a basic auto insurance policy that includes liability coverage, medical benefits coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Pennsylvania law also requires all drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, which pays for medical expenses regardless of fault.
  3. File an Insurance Claim: After you have notified your insurer, they will provide instructions on how to file your insurance claim in Ellwood City. Your insurer will investigate the accident and assess any damage or injuries sustained before compensating you accordingly. You should keep records of all communication with your insurer including emails or phone calls throughout this process.
  4. Negotiate a Settlement: If the other driver was at fault for the accident, Pennsylvania follows a “fault-based” system which means you may be entitled to compensation from their insurance company. Your insurer may attempt to settle with the other driver's insurance by negotiating a settlement amount. If both parties can agree on an appropriate compensation figure, this will effectively end your claim. However, if not it will move onto litigation in Pennsylvania's court system.

20 Most Expensive Automobiles to Insure in 2023

Pennsylvania has some of the most expensive auto insurance rates in the country. This is particularly true for drivers who own high-end luxury and sports cars, which are often more costly to insure than mainstream vehicles. With that in mind, here are the 20 most expensive automobiles to insure in Pennsylvania in 2023:

  1. Porsche 911 Turbo - Average annual premium is $2,871.
  2. Mercedes S-Class - Average annual premium is $2,601.
  3. BMW 7 Series - Average annual premium is $2,547.
  4. Audi R8 Spyder - Average annual premium is $2,513.
  5. Mercedes SLK Class - Average annual premium is $2,500.
  6. Mercedes SL Class - Average annual premium is $2,460.
  7. Cadillac Escalade - Average annual premium is $2,429.
  8. Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged - Average annual premium is $2,391.
  9. BMW 6 Series - Average annual premium is $2,331.
  10. Audi A8 L - Average annual premium is $2,312.
  11. Audi Q7 Premium Plus Quattro - Average annual premium is $2,297.
  12. Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid - Average annual premium is $2,284.
  13. Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet- Average annual premium is $2,278.
  14. Mercedes CL Class - Average annual premium is $2,273.
  15. BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo - Average annual premium is $2,260.
  16. Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged- Average annual premium is $2,246.
  17. Audi A7 Quattro Premium Plus- Average annual premium is $2,232.
  18. Lexus LS 460 - Average annual premium is $2,191.
  19. Mercedes CLS-Class - Average annual premium is $2,187 .
  20. Porsche Panamera S Hybrid- Average annual premium is $2,182 .

20 Cheapest Vehicles to Insure in 2023

From small sedans to full-size SUVs, Pennsylvania drivers have plenty of options when it comes to finding an affordable car or truck that meets their needs and budget. Keep reading below for more details on which vehicles made the list of Pennsylvania's cheapest cars and trucks to insure in 2023.

  1. Honda Civic - This affordable sedan offers both style and performance at a reasonable price point. With its rich array of safety features and fuel-efficient engine, the Honda Civic is a great option for Ellwood City drivers looking to cut down on their insurance costs.
  2. Toyota Corolla - This compact sedan offers Pennsylvania drivers plenty of power, reliability, and comfort at an affordable price. Plus, with its advanced safety systems such as lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control, Pennsylvania drivers can trust that they'll be safe while behind the wheel.
  3. Nissan Altima - Pennsylvania drivers searching for a mid-size sedan should look no further than the stylish and sophisticated Nissan Altima. Its powerful V6 engine will deliver more horsepower than you would expect in a car this size while still being surprisingly affordable to insure.
  4. Honda CR-V - Pennsylvania drivers looking for a reliable and affordable SUV should consider the Honda CR-V. This compact crossover offers plenty of cargo space, car-like handling, and efficient fuel economy to Ellwood City drivers on a budget.
  5. Toyota RAV4 - The Toyota RAV4 is one of Pennsylvania's most popular SUVs and it's also quite affordable to insure. This vehicle offers smooth performance, excellent safety features, and advanced technology such as lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring.
  6. Subaru Forester - The Subaru Forester is another great SUV option for Pennsylvania drivers thanks to its combination of dependability and affordability when it comes to auto insurance costs. Plus, Pennsylvania drivers can trust that they'll be safe while driving this vehicle as it comes standard with Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.
  7. Ford Escape - Pennsylvania drivers in search of an affordable SUV should consider the Ford Escape. This mid-size crossover offers a range of features, including an efficient fuel economy, excellent handling, and plenty of cargo space.
  8. Honda Odyssey - Pennsylvania families looking for a dependable minivan should check out the Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey offers seating for up to eight passengers and its V6 engine provides plenty of power to make long trips easier on your wallet thanks to its low insurance costs.
  9. Toyota Sienna - Pennsylvania drivers looking for a roomy and reliable minivan should consider the Toyota Sienna. This vehicle offers ample seating, advanced safety features such as lane departure warning, and plenty of space to store luggage or groceries.
  10. Chevrolet Traverse - Pennsylvania drivers searching for an affordable full-size SUV will find plenty to like about the Chevrolet Traverse. The Traverse offers seating for up to eight passengers, excellent handling, and its powerful V6 engine makes it surprisingly affordable to insure in Ellwood City.
  11. Ford Edge - Pennsylvania drivers can take advantage of exceptional performance, comfort, and affordability when they choose the Ford Edge as their next car or truck. Its turbocharged engine provides plenty of power and Pennsylvania drivers can rely on the Edge's advanced safety systems to keep them safe while behind the wheel.
  12. Jeep Grand Cherokee - Pennsylvania drivers looking for an SUV that offers power, luxury, and dependability should consider the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This full-size SUV comes with plenty of advanced features such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control to help Ellwood City drivers stay safe while they're on the road.
  13. Subaru Outback - Pennsylvania drivers looking for a reliable, affordable, and stylish SUV should consider the Subaru Outback. This vehicle offers plenty of cargo space, car-like handling, and excellent fuel economy to Pennsylvania drivers on a budget. Plus, it comes standard with Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for improved traction in Pennsylvania's unpredictable weather conditions.
  14. Dodge Charger - Pennsylvania drivers looking for an affordable and powerful sedan should take a look at the Dodge Charger. Its V6 engine provides plenty of power for Ellwood City drivers while still being surprisingly affordable to insure in Pennsylvania.
  15. Chevrolet Silverado - Pennsylvania drivers who need a dependable truck should look no further than the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. This full-size pickup offers a powerful V8 engine and plenty of cargo space. Pennsylvania drivers can also count on the Silverado's advanced safety systems, such as lane departure warning, to keep them safe while they're behind the wheel.
  16. Toyota Tacoma - Pennsylvania drivers who need a reliable and affordable pick-up truck should consider the Toyota Tacoma. This mid-size pickup offers excellent off-road capability, plenty of cargo space, and an economical fuel economy that makes it one of Pennsylvania's most popular vehicles.
  17. Hyundai Santa Fe - Pennsylvania drivers looking for a stylish SUV with great features should check out the Hyundai Santa Fe. This mid-size crossover offers comfortable seating for up to five passengers, plenty of cargo space, and excellent safety features such as lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control to keep Ellwood City drivers safe on the road.
  18. GMC Sierra 1500 - Pennsylvania drivers seeking a powerful full-size pickup should consider the GMC Sierra 1500. This vehicle offers a rugged design, plenty of cargo space, and its V8 engine provides Pennsylvania drivers with the power they need to tow or haul heavy loads. It also comes with advanced safety features such as lane departure warning to help Pennsylvania drivers stay safe while they're driving.
  19. Honda Pilot - Pennsylvania drivers looking for an affordable crossover with ample seating should take a look at the Honda Pilot. This mid-size SUV offers plenty of legroom, car-like handling, and excellent fuel economy that makes it one of Pennsylvania's most popular vehicles. Plus, it comes standard with an array of advanced safety systems to keep Ellwood City drivers safe on the road.
  20. Subaru Crosstrek - Pennsylvania drivers searching for an affordable and efficient crossover should consider the Subaru Crosstrek. This vehicle offers excellent fuel economy, all-wheel drive, and plenty of cargo space for Ellwood City drivers who need a little extra room. Plus, it comes with advanced safety features such as lane departure warning to help Pennsylvania drivers stay safe on the road.

4 Benefits of Adding Someone to Your Auto Insurance Policy in Pennsylvania

Adding another person to your Ellwood City auto insurance policy can come with a number of benefits. Here are four reasons why you should consider making this change:

  1. Lower Premiums: Adding an additional driver to your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy can result in lower overall premiums, as the insurer will spread the risk among more people. This means that everyone on the policy will have access to lower rates, helping you save money in the long run.
  2. More Coverage: If you add someone else to your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy, you may be able to get better coverage for less money than if you were just keeping it under one name. With added coverage, it's easier to protect yourself and other drivers if something happens on the road.
  3. Access to More Discounts: When you add someone else to your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy, both of you may be eligible for more discounts from the insurer. These discounts are available in exchange for signing up with them and often include things like multi-car and good driver discounts that can save you even more money over time.
  4. Shared Responsibility: Lastly, adding another person to your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy means that responsibility is shared between the two drivers on the policy. This can make it easier if something happens while out on the road and one person has to pay a large portion of the costs, as they will now have help footing the bill.

Cost of Car Insurance in 6 Different Age Groups

Car insurance rates vary drastically depending on age. Pennsylvania residents from teens to seniors can expect to pay different amounts for coverage. Here, we'll look at the cost of car insurance in Pennsylvania for six different age groups.

5 Driving Violations That Require High Risk Insurance Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is known for its strict laws when it comes to driving. Many violations can leave Ellwood City drivers facing hefty fines and other penalties, as well as the need for high-risk insurance in order to get back on the road. Some of the most serious Pennsylvania driving violations that require high risk insurance are:

  1. Driving Under the Influence (DUI): Pennsylvania has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to DUIs, and those convicted of one will face steep fines, jail time, license suspension or revocation, and alcohol abuse counseling. Additionally, they may be required to purchase high risk auto insurance if they wish to drive again after their conviction.
  2. Excessive Speeding: Pennsylvania defines excessive speed as going more than 25 mph over the speed limit. Those caught doing so will face hefty fines, license suspensions, and in some cases may be required to get high risk insurance.
  3. Driving Without Insurance: Pennsylvania requires all drivers to carry liability insurance, and those who are caught driving without it can be subject to hefty fines as well as a suspension or revocation of their driver's license. In these cases, Pennsylvania may require drivers to purchase high-risk auto insurance before they can drive again.
  4. Reckless Driving: Pennsylvania defines reckless driving as any behavior that endangers life or property while operating a motor vehicle, such as racing another car or weaving dangerously in and out of traffic. Drivers found guilty of this offense will face steep fines and license suspensions or revocations. Pennsylvania may also require them to obtain high-risk auto insurance before being allowed back on the road.
  5. Habitual Traffic Violations: Pennsylvania defines habitual traffic violations as any accumulation of points from traffic violations within a certain period of time. Drivers who accumulate too many points may have their licenses suspended, and in some cases, they may be required to purchase high-risk auto insurance if they wish to drive again.

Top 8 Car Insurance Companies by Least to Most Expensive in Pennsylvania

Ellwood City residents have many choices when it comes to car insurance. We've compiled a list of some of the top insurers in Pennsylvania, ranked from least to most expensive.

  1. Erie Insurance: Erie offers Pennsylvania drivers reliable and affordable coverage with an excellent customer service record.
  2. Amica Mutual: This nationally acclaimed insurer provides Pennsylvania drivers with competitive rates and great coverage options.
  3. USAA: USAA is especially known for providing military members and their families with great rates and discounts on car insurance policies in Pennsylvania.
  4. Auto-Owners Insurance: This company is widely recognized as one of Pennsylvania's most dependable providers, offering good prices without skimping on coverage levels or customer service.
  5. State Farm: Pennsylvania drivers have come to rely on State Farm for its excellent combination of rate and coverage options.
  6. Travelers Insurance: Pennsylvania drivers can get reliable protection from this well-respected insurer, and all the necessary discounts are included in the policy.
  7. Allstate: Allstate offers Pennsylvania drivers some of the most comprehensive car insurance plans available, with great pricing and a variety of coverage options to choose from.
  8. Progressive: Pennsylvania drivers can find fairly low rates with this national provider, as long as they meet certain eligibility requirements.

4 Different Auto Insurance Discounts in Pennsylvania

Ellwood City drivers can save money on their auto insurance premiums by taking advantage of several discounts available in the state. Here are four of the most popular discounts Pennsylvania drivers should know about:

  1. Good Driver Discounts: Drivers with a safe, accident-free driving record may qualify for a good driver discount. Pennsylvania insurers recognize these safe drivers and reward them with savings.
  2. Multi-Car Discounts: Ellwood City residents who insure multiple vehicles under one policy can qualify for a multi-car discount from some insurers. Multiple vehicles help spread out the risk and therefore bring down the overall premium rate.
  3. Low Mileage Discounts: Pennsylvania residents who don't drive their vehicle as much as other drivers can qualify for a low mileage discount. Pennsylvania insurers reward these drivers with lower premiums since they are less likely to get in an accident due to lack of miles driven.
  4. Defensive Driver Discounts: Ellwood City residents who complete an approved defensive driving course may qualify for a defensive driver discount from some insurers. This is great way to save money on auto insurance and brush up on your safe driving skills at the same time!

By taking advantage of Pennsylvania's auto insurance discounts, Ellwood City residents can enjoy significant savings on their car insurance premiums. Make sure to ask your insurer about any additional discounts you may be eligible for and take advantage of them when possible!

11 Interesting Driving Statistics in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a large state with plenty of roads to explore. From the Pennsylvania Turnpike to local interstates, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer drivers and travelers alike. But what kind of traffic conditions should Pennsylvania residents expect? Here are 11 interesting driving statistics that may surprise Pennsylvania drivers:

  1. Pennsylvania has the fifth-highest density of rural roads in the United States, according to the Federal Highway Administration's 2017 report on highway mobility. This means Pennsylvania drivers have more opportunities to travel through scenic countryside than other states, but it also comes with increased potential for accidents due to narrow lanes and wildlife crossing roads.
  2. According to Pennsylvania State Police reports from 2018, there were 108 fatal crashes involving at least one Pennsylvania driver. That's one fatal crash every 2.9 days on average in Pennsylvania.
  3. Pennsylvania has the seventh-highest rate of fatal crashes involving alcohol, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Alcohol was involved in over a third of all Pennsylvania's fatal crashes in 2018.
  4. Pennsylvania is one of only 10 states that do not have an automated speed enforcement law, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). These laws allow states to use cameras mounted at intersections and along highways to detect drivers going above the posted speed limit and issue tickets or fines automatically.
  5. Pennsylvania's speeding ticket fine structure is among the highest in the nation, with maximum fines up to $300 for a single offense.
  6. Pennsylvania's seat belt law applies to everyone in the vehicle, and drivers can be ticketed if any passenger in their car is not wearing a seat belt.
  7. Pennsylvania has been at or near the top of every state rankings list when it comes to distracted driving crashes and fatalities since 2013, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). In 2018, Pennsylvania reported over 8,000 crashes caused by distracted drivers, with more than 4,000 resulting in injuries.
  8. Pennsylvania is one of only eight states that does not have an all-rider motorcycle helmet law, according to the IIHS. This means that motorcyclists in Pennsylvania are not required to wear a helmet at all times, though PennDOT does recommend wearing one for safety reasons.
  9. Pennsylvania is ranked sixth in the nation for highest number of road rage incidents, according to an Allstate survey from 2017. Pennsylvania drivers reported an average of 17 acts of road rage per 100 miles driven.
  10. Pennsylvania reports some of the lowest rates of fatal truck crashes among large states, with a rate of 2 fatalities per 100 million vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) in 2018, according to PennDOT's 2018 Crash Facts report. This is below the national average rate of 4 fatalities per 100 million VMT and lower than most other states with similar population densities.
  11. Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation (PennDOT) operates the Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement (AWZSE) system, which uses cameras to detect drivers exceeding speed limits in highway work zones and issue citations automatically. In 2017, PennDOT reported that AWZSE had resulted in a dramatic decrease in speeding violations and improved safety for Pennsylvania road workers.

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⭐ What is the average car insurance rate in Ellwood City Pennsylvania?

The average rate for Ellwood City is $1,369. Look for discounts to make this even more affordable.

⭐ What is the minimum coverage required in Ellwood City PA?

In Ellwood City Pennsylvania, your policy must have at least $15,000 of coverage for injuries per person, up to a total of $30,000 per accident, and $5,000 of coverage for property damage.

⭐ How much is car insurance typically for 2 vehicles in Ellwood City PA?

Average cost for two vehicles in Ellwood City is $3,614. This can of course vary greatly with liability only, full coverage, or SR-22 insurance.

⭐ How can I get cheap car insurance in Ellwood City PA?

To get low cost car insurance in Ellwood City, PA, simply fill out the form above and compare quotes then pick the best one.


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